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XIWare is a compact and effective solution based on Microsoft Excel and supporting basic data discovery and reporting requirements without the steep investment in complex analytics or reporting platforms. Empower business analysts with self-service business intelligence on your data sources. XIWare offers comparable simplicity and convenience to that of everyday Excel spreadsheets.

XIWare is provided within the QIWare and QWWare packages, but is available as a stand-alone offering as well.

Sample Uses

Business Insights Discovery

Faster strategic and tactical decisions through ad-hoc analysis of data available across the organization – such as customer profiling, trends, risk and opportunity identification.

Regular Business Reporting

Well-informed decision making through automation of regular or frequently repeated reports.

Campaign List Management

More convenient below-the-line retention, cross-sales, up-sales and win-back activities through simplified preparation of target lists.

Main benefits

  • 100% savings on license costs of data discovery and reporting tools,

    with Microsoft Excel being the only software necessary
  • 100% technology adoption with almost zero training

    for any team already using Microsoft Excel
  • 100% independence from IT departments for ad-hoc analyses and regular reporting,

    freeing up scarce resources in IT for advanced needs and saving valuable time for business
  • Ability to use Microsoft Excel formulas and charts directly on analyzed data

    as well as hassle-free use of outputs in all Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word documents
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Key capabilities


    Have real-time access to your database through Excel and leverage power of your database servers for high-speed data analysis
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