Training and Support

Our Wares 101 training services provide users with a solid introduction to Forte Wares products, teaching basic functionalities and highlighting their common use cases. 

Custom Wares training encompasses a series of customized classroom and one-on-one sessions that are specially designed for each client using their own data sets to tackle their own real-world scenarios.

The Forte Wares support team provides multiple levels of support to clients through our hotline and online support channels to ensure efficient and continuous Ware productivity.

To discuss our fully customized training solutions specific to your needs, please contact us.

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Implementation and Consultancy

Through our renowned analytics and management consultancy sister company, Forte Consultancy, we are able to provide end-to-end analytics-related consultancy and implementation services to clients beyond our out-of-the-box solutions.

With a sizeable team of data scientists, strategists, and subject matter experts, Forte Consultancy can help you design targeted marketing practices, enhance your sales efforts, and optimize both your customer’s experience and your operations with your favorite Wares.

For more information on Forte Consultancy and our consultancy services, please visit,

Solutions Customization

Occasionally, our flexible solutions need minor customizations to perfectly fit your business case. In these instances, our development team can customize our Wares.

Using our agile software development practice, our customization service requires considerably less time and cost than most in-house or outsourced development efforts.

You need customization?

We can certainly help you.
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Managed and Hosted Solutions

We provide two alternatives for clients who wish to avoid the hustle-and-bustle of administering and maintaining our solutions, each of which ensuring 100 percent data confidentiality and security:

• Managed Wares: Our team takes full responsibility for managing Wares and ReadyWares deployed on your own premises. Using a VPN-secured connection and remote access technologies, you never have to worry about Ware uptime or availability – including the solutions implemented on top of them. We offer 8/5 or 24/7 managed service options.

• Hosted Wares: Our team takes full responsibility for managing and hosting Wares and ReadyWares deployed on 100 percent dedicated and private servers in one of our partner data centers. Using VPN-secured connections, you have 24/7 access to both the servers and hosted software.

To ensure optimal peace-of-mind and regulatory compliance, Cloud-based hosting is not offered. 

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