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QWWare is a highly scalable data warehouse and reporting platform build atop technologies that drive the strongest return on investment. Get a complete business intelligence platform up and running in a matter of weeks – and at a fraction of traditional costs.

Sample Uses

C-Level Decision Support

Better informed strategic decision making through birds-eye and 360-degree views of business lines using one version of truth.

Operational Decision Support

Increased operational efficiency and effectiveness through in-depth daily and monthly business intelligence for decision making.

Enterprise Performance Management

Timely response to performance gaps and changing market conditions through daily and monthly monitoring of key performance indicators and trends.

Enterprise Data Warehousing

Facilitation of all ad-hoc and regular queries across the whole organization as well as any data dependent activities such as below-the-line marketing and risk management.

Main benefits

  • Up to 95% savings against traditional data warehousing and reporting platforms

    in small to medium scale deployments
  • Over 50% decrease in deployment and implementation duration,

    making data available to business faster and with lower implementation costs
  • Significantly lower complexity in administration and maintenance

    of data warehousing and reporting platforms
  • Higher interactivity and user friendliness in reporting

    compared to most alternatives
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Key capabilities


    Integrate and manipulate data from any source - flat files, database systems, big data sources and web sources, etc. - using 100% customizable, high-performance and open-source transformation components and structured metadata management
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