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QIWare is an agile analytics solution that delivers a complete suite of capabilities to support end-to-end data mining cycle. Simplify data preparation and modeling while increasing business productivity, minimizing human error, and significantly improving usability.

Sample Uses

Segment Management

Improved portfolio management through macro and micro segmentation of customers using demographics, life-stage, lifestyle, behavior and value, as well as prospects, channels and more.

Customer Retention

Targeted and effective churn prevention through early detection of silent and actual churners, as well as loyalty and disloyalty factors.

Potential Realization

Elevation of revenues through identification of true potential of sales channels as well as customers who are likely to be using competitors or not spending as much as they could.

Cross-Sales and Up-Sales

Improved sales efficiency and profitability through discovery of the next best product for each customer as well as the next best target for each product.

Risk Prevention

Maximized risk adjusted returns through early detection of customers most likely to default, perform fraud or pay late.

Main benefits

  • Up to 90% savings against traditional data mining and ETL

    software license fees, as well as recruitment, training and retention costs of highly specialized resources
  • Over 80% increase in analytics candidate pool,

    as employees with basic statistics knowledge can be equipped to become effective data miners
  • Up to 70% time and resource savings in analytics activities,

    letting scarce analytics resources focus on most value-added tasks in model development
  • Guaranteed decrease in human errors in data preparation,

    which results in millions of savings by preventing misleading decisions and inaccurate actions
  • Proven increase in business use of analytics outputs

    as well as sustainability over time, making business insights and guidance integral part of analytical processes
  • Increased control and monitoring abilities on overall analytics process,

    with task oriented approach to modeling
  • Ability to do data mining without million dollar investments

    into data warehouse hardware and software
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Key capabilities


    Build analytics data marts with thousands of columns in only couple of hours using our unprecedented Auto-Mart feature, leverage scalability of your database with full in-DB calculations and never get lost in your data again with our built-in searchable data dictionary
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