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GIWare is a user-friendly location intelligence solution that facilitates 3-D visualization of any geographical data. Improve local marketing, sales, service, and operational performance by increasing visibility and usability of spatial insights. We’ve eliminated security risks associated with online mapping solutions.

Sample Uses

Channel Optimization

Easier optimization of number, size and types of stores per district and selection of ideal sites for best catchment area through visual assessment of potential.

Channel Performance Management

Improved understanding of local performance trends through visualization of KPI figures across stores, districts, cities and regions.

Location Based Marketing

More effective local ATL and BTL marketing activities, as well as store customizations through discovery of customer needs, behavior and value by area.

Network Assets Management

More proactive operations management and resource planning through location based performance and capabilities tracking of assets such as base stations, ATMs and distribution hubs.

Location Based Competition

Faster and better response to competitor threats and opportunities through closer monitoring of competitor activities and channels per area.

Main benefits

  • Realization of thinking globally and acting locally,

    with clearer and multi-level visibility of channel and customer insights
  • Significant time and resource savings versus adaption of complex

    mapping tools with too specific data and scripting requirements
  • Guaranteed security of your sensitive data,

    avoiding the need to utilize online maps, keeping everything inside your own intranet
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Key capabilities


    Define and import any data and make it automatically available for presentation on any map
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