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CIWare is the one-of-a-kind business intelligence platform that automatically brings the right data to the right people, when it matters most. Beat your competition and tap into market opportunities first with the fastest and most accurate business decisions and actions fueled by CIWare, the business analyst that never sleeps.

Sample Uses

Corporate Performance Management

Ability to address performance lapses before they materialize, discovering the issues and their root causes at early stages.

Customer Value Management

Improved customer retention and value through identification of hidden segment trends and their triggers automatically.

Service Level Management

Perfected speed, compliance and quality across the organization through early identification and accurate resolution of process design and execution flaws.

Channel Management

Ability to manage channel performance effectively, automatically identifying unusual trends and activities across sales and service channels as early as possible.

Budget and Planning

Optimized investment planning supported by better and finer understanding of the cause-impact relations throughout the year.

Main benefits

  • Over 80% faster discovery of new opportunities and threats

    with 7/24 monitoring of all key performance indicators
  • 100% user adoption of BI across the organization

    with zero-effort, complete-relevance information delivery
  • Opportunity to save millions monthly

    addressing risks, losses and churn faster
  • Opportunity to make millions monthly

    identifying opportunities better and earlier
  • Ability to stay weeks ahead of competition

    by reading the market quicker and better
  • Up to 60% resource savings

    in critical BI and analytics activities
  • Proven decrease in room for human errors

    and gaps in decision making
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Key capabilities


    Receive daily, weekly or monthly e-mail notifications on which of your key performance indicators are changing to better or worse, automatically, in plain English with our unique KPI Interpreter
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