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    Grab the next big opportunity

    Let us help you discover the opportunities in your market and portfolio, way ahead of your competition
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    Save the customer, save the profits

    Let us help you discover your valuable customers at risk and elevate your profitability
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    Convert differentiation into appreciation

    Let us help you discover segments of one and earn your customer’s undivided attention
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    Aim for 'Always Best Activity'

    Let us help you increase your marketing ROI with precision targeting
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    Become more pro-active, today

    Let us help you transform your organization from re-active to pro-active one in a day
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    Leave your mark on the map

    Let us help you optimize the location and performance of sales and service channels
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    Think locally, act locally

    Let us help you get the most out of geographical diversity with spot-on local marketing
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    Monitor your KPIs while you sleep

    Let us help you keep track of your enterprise performance 24/7 and let you know only when it matters
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    Your data – at your service

    Let us help you build an easy and affordable data warehouse that gives you the complete picture
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    Capitalize on existing business data

    Let us help you maximize the usability and adoption of business insights enterprise-wide
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    Using only 10% of your BI?

    Let us help you reach 100% BI user adoption for better informed decision making
Forte Wares is the solutions division of Forte Consultancy Group, which has delivered more than 100 analytics-driven projects to leading organizations across the EMEA region. We act as a true one-stop-shop for analytics – from consultancy to implementation, human resources to software.

We offer you

The only BI solution that acts faster than business, pro-actively alerting and guiding decisions and actions.
Everything your marketing analytics team needs at a fraction of the price and implementation time.
Quickly and easily create a comprehensive data warehousing and reporting platform with award-winning, third-party components.
Visualize locational data of any type or level – from branch service tiers to regional sales over time.

Why Forte Wares?

Business FriendlyOur analytics solutions are designed for business end-users as opposed to technical personnel, making insightful analytics accessible without ever engaging technical unit support. Practical Innovation Our products are designed to offer a fresh perspective to analytics solutions, addressing important business challenges in fresh new ways. Rapid Implementation Notably shrink time-to-deploy over most other comparable solutions, with our plug-and-play industry packages able to produce results from day one. Cost EfficientMinimize the cost of adoption and training. Our products mean far fewer complexities and are offered at a lower price point, with most offering licensing for companies of all sizes.